Tools for social learners

Ross Dawson's Social Media Strategy Framework

In my last few blog posts I’ve been making mention of the need to tweak online social networking tools so as to better support learning. Learners need to be empowered to ask questions and ask for help.

“The easier the tools make it for people to tell us what they need, the easier and more enjoyable it is to be genuinely helpful. The technology and culture of social learning can create an environment where you are enthusiastically supported, where your sense of wonder returns and creativity blossoms — where people thrive.” (source)

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One Response to “Tools for social learners”

  1. Bodwyn Wook Says:

    Some of the concerns here to do with learning, and esp historical knowledge, are addressed albeit obliquely, in the on-line pp of /Bodwyn Wook/, at:

    The thorny problem of /becoming ready to learn/ is sometimes alluded especially in this category:

    (With a sufficency of development readers may be assured that the operator indeed is translated utterly beyond reach of even the most adept Sarkoy venefice!)

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